What is PUNCH?

PUNCH is a global collaborative creation network, a public blockchain with six complete layers. Upholding the idea of freedom in creative work, PUNCH creates an integral service system covering everything from resource matching, creation incubation, distributed collaboration organization to produc- tion and commercial operation of works, redefining the ecological system of cultural and creative industries and brings about a disruptive reform.
The ultimate objective of PUNCH is to become an creative eco-network integrated together with the distributed collaborative organization (DCO), the blockchain application API and the work flow for copyright confirmation and exchange collaboration.

Blockchainsolves copyright issues to ensure protection of creators’ rights.

Tokenreward system helps creators monetize.

Smart Contractself-organized DCO studio helps creators find collaborators and inspire each other.

Smart Matchinghelp creators and buyers find each other
efficiently improve media resource density

CollaborationWorkflow tools for both amateurs and professionals

Transparencysecure data protection for each DCO studio


Read, like, comment, share, vote.
Participations rewarded with PUN
Fund creators to gain profit


Initiate a studio, find collaborators,
Exchange ideas and inspirations.
Match art works with demand side to
Realize monetization of ideas


Join global collaborative creation platform
Find creative talents
Buy or incubate promising projects
Gain return from commercialization


Punch Creative Crowdfunding and Interactive Reading

Application enjoyed more than 1 million users and 30 thousand creations

Punch Blockchain Lab

Founded Punch Blockchain Lab
January 2018

Token Presale and DApp

Application revamped for blockchain integration, infrasture protocol development started
May 2018

Infrastructure and Service Layer

Finishes protocol and consensus layer development
July 2018

Alpha Version

Punch Alpha Version DApp available for testing
September 2018

Beta Launch

Punch Beta Version application and platform launch
December 2019

Distribution of Tokens

  # Tokens
Airdrop 3,000,000,000
Platform Incentive 9,000,000,000
Reserve 18,000,000,000
Team (2 yr lock) 12,000,000,000
Private Investors (6 mo lock) 12,000,000,000
Early Investors (1 yr lock) 6,000,000,000
Total 60,000,000,000

Team Members

Joanna Zhao
Founder of PUNCH APP / Producer / Actress. Major works: Tracks in the Snowy Forest, Best Arrangement, 13 Heroes, Behind Enemy Lines, God of War (TV drama) etc.
Alex Yang
Vice Chairman of Association des Professionnels Chinois du Tourisme en France. 2005-2008, Studied in École des Beaux-Arts de Versailles. Studied in INSEEC and obtained Master’s Degree.
Alfie Tong
Designer/photographer/musician. Personal design studio/Old-fashioned Naturalist. Graphic design: "SLOW LOVE. BE MY OWN HAPPINESS" and Trip & Music ~ Elise. VI design: UNIKOO FITNESS, Luo Jin’s studio etc.
Simone Colombara
Managing Director CRIF Philippine, has over 20 years’ experience in Credit Risk and IT for Banking, Worked or consulted for People Bank of China (PBOC), Seed investor in multiple fintech companies across SEA.
Dragon Long
Senior blockchain technology expert, architect for 5miles, former chief architect for yougou.com, Lightinthebox/Disney. More than 10 years of experience in Internet/Blockchain development.
Bonnie Zhang
Famous producer. Major works: Wonderful Life, The Red etc.
Shenyi Zhang
Promotion Manager for SmartMesh and CFun Project. Full scholarship by the government of Singapore/Waseda University/Certified Google Partner. Head of overseas market in Japanese company JOE inc.

Team Members


Xue Tingzhe
Pianist/Composer, Full scholarship from State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart, "Rhea", "Secret Of The Soloist"
Alan Lee
CoinMeet cofounder/author of best seller “Redefine the Internet operation”/ former Baidu senior operation expert. Operation and communication manager for multiple projects with tens of millions of users.
Dragon Lee
Founder of GBCE. Serial entrepreneur, Cryptocurrency lead expert, experienced executive in blockchain industry.
Xu Bing
Famous scriptwriter / director/producer; representative dramas: Red, Literary Family in the Troubled Times, Shanghai Grand, One Meter Sunlight and The VI Group of Fatal Case.
Zhang Jian
Famous producer/director/producer produced TV series include: "Huo Qubing", "Snow Leopard", "New Snow Leopard", "Phoenix Shadow", "the Black Fox" and "Love Song"
Shi Renlin
Famous Chinese lawyer in France, public law master from DIJON, PhD under Phillipekhan, worked in multiple law offices in France, lawyer in Paris appellate court; one of the earliest Chinese lawyer in Paris Lawyer Trade Union.
Zhu Wenjiu
Famous producer, works include: "Lao Pao Er", "Bull Fighting", "300 Warriors" and "Gun"


Partner Agencies

Kingswood Films (SHSE:600255)
Works include: "Huo Qubing", "Snow Leopard", "the Black Fox", and "Phoenix Shadow"; "Snow Leopard" and "the Black Fox" ranked first around the country in viewership ratings
Sangui International Film Media
Works include: "Lao Pao Er", "300 Warriors", "Bull Fighting", "Three Brothers", "the Chef, the Actor and the Scoundrel" and "Design of Death"
Zhibing Studio Media
Works include: "Good Life", "Red", "Best Plan", "New Shanghai Bund", "War Drum", "Snooping" and "Gun"

Partner Agencies

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